Walk cycle needed for very simple character

Hi guys i would be grateful if somebody could give my very simple character (dizzy egg) a walk cycle .I did attempt it myself but the results were terrible … My character is not rigged as it does not need to be. the character has no legs just feet that need to be placed This is for a remake of a classic game of my childhood (treasure island dizzy) It is not a commercial project and such i cannot offer any payment . Again i would be very grateful of any help on this .Thanks guys

I could try it but something doesn’t make sense. You are saying you need a walk cycle but your character is not rigged as it does not neet to be and you want to remake a classic game.
As far as I know a rig is mendatory to make a walk cycle. So this seems to be contradictory.
Anyways I could give it a try. I could even create a simple rig fast for a walk cycle.

I use the unreal engine which can use vector animations ( i think thats what its called) I can rig it if you like but simply placing the feet within a time line will suffice . https://nofile.io/f/JhQhScYdp6s/dizzy.blend Many thanks in advance Hmm maybe you could throw a root bone in there just in case ? thank you

If anybody needs a rig, perhaps he could use mine.
Upd: now animated. Download version 2.
Advice - before the export, the animations should be baked.