Walk cycle question....

(oscar) #1

I have a walk cycle that goes from frame 1 - 33. When I copy the action keys the cycle repeats but it starts over at the original location. How can I keep the cycle moving foward?


(OTO) #2

Select the armature or all bones (depends on how you work?) and in the new copied frames change the Loc key (insert a new one at desired location).
Ñot very clear?
It’s difficult to answer precisely, there’s different ways!

(Paul_C) #3

The best way by far is to parent the armature to an empty. Animate the empty, moving it’s location forwards for as far as you need it to go. Then go back and check the animation, and if feet slide, all you need to do is change the location of the empty, and not the whole set of bones.

The other advantage of doing it this way is that you can keep the cycle, and only need to change one varialbe if things go wrong: the position of the empty.


(pamtango) #4

Is crating an Empty Still a Better Methodto use in Publisher 2.25, even with it’s NLA and all?
Just curious on everyone’s opinion.

(NateTG) #5

yes, creating an empty is still the best method.

it would be cool if you could animate “relative” to the current position, so a walk cycle COULD contain forward motion that would be ADDED to the current position instead of setting the current postion.

just a thought.

(pamtango) #6

I think perhaps its a work style question. You can move the entire armature, which is then keyed including position &/or rotation information. The only drawback being on the point it rotates, since it always seem to orient to point of origin. All of the tutorials I’ve seen built the armature with its origin in front of the armature, which makes for odd point of center rotation. I’ve used ‘rotating around median point’ and ‘around curser’, but after rotating the armature seems to revert to rotating around its origin. This fact seems to favor the empty idea, OR is there a good reason not to reset the origin point at a median one?
Curve paths also work well to move an armature along a path, though tweeking the timing can be a pain at times.
Just rambling on my recent experiences.
Pam :wink:

(oscar) #7

Thanks all fo you! I will try it!

(humphrey) #8

I have just finished an animation that had an alien walking rather realisticly. Here’s how I did it…

I created 5 paths (you might want more).
I then parented some empties to these paths… and then parented IK armatures (see the blenderchar site) to these empties…
I used one empty for the character’s position.
I used one circular empty for each of the hands (Arms), and legs…
To animate it all… I created a very simple (about 4 vertices) path in the actions (or whatever it is) window and pressed the button that makes it repeat infinity… that took care of all of the moving parts…
Then all I had to do was to adjust the speed of the path that controlled the location of the location of the character.

If you want, I can send you a .blend file with it all shown :smiley:


(adyus) #9

humpfrey, I’d surely like to see that blend file…(PLEEEEASE! :wink: )

(humphrey) #10

Ok… Here it is: