Walk Cycle Take 2, Shroom Goddess!

(dickie) #1

Take 2 of the sultry walk walk @ 700k!
He’re’s a smaller version @ 200k

it’s got some weirdness to it, go figure,
but i think i got the sway down!

could you tell me what you like and don’t like?

oh yeah, the shroom sector of my site has had a makeover too!
it’s pink baby!
check it out!!!

(paradox) #2

Cool making progress. I like the sway and the movement of the head shroom part. Suggestions, a side view would be nice. The arms are kind of stiff need to bend more at the elbow. The feet are flat footed during the whole walk cycle intstead of a heel toe type movement. And not sure but maybe knees need to come higher during step cycle. But overall a nice walk and a cool character.


(basse) #3

looking great…
one thing you are missing, I dont know if you intended it like that, but she is not bounching at all!?


(Jolly Gnome) #4

Well, it’s much better than the previous, but now her breasts are static. I don’t mean that they should bounce, but the chest should be moving a little.
I can’t explain this well, but:
when her right foot goes forward, her whole right side should go forward, and same with left side. Umm… well, the z-axis (well the one that goes in the same line with the whole body anyway) rotation point should be in the middle of the spine. Spine should stay rather static in that axis.

Was this of any help?

(MoreK) #5

Hi Dickie!
Maybe you have checked this out, but here it is anyway:

The Goddess walks very sensualy, which is good IMO. If you want to add that impression, try to move her shoulders too up/down/forward/back (as instructed in the link above). When you start fine tuning her, I think wrists make a big role too (if you want her to be sensual).

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(schock) #6

Animation is a grueling task. Your wallk cycle needs alot of work, what you really need is some reference video. It looks quite stiff and the shoulders are not rotating as one arm goes infront of the other as was said before it needs bounce aka impact and secondary motion.
here is one of the best cg walk cycles I have ever seen. It is hard to tell it is even cg. http://www.amazonsoul.com/walkcycle01.html

good start

(nerddogs) #7

Hi Dickie, I’m a big fan of your work. I have just a few tips I can give: Try to make her movements more exagerated, more bounce and more sway. You might not think it looks like a real person’s movements but it will add more character and more attitude. Also play with the weight maps. The upper thigh when she steps forward looks out of place. A null bone might need to be needed. How are the armatures to the legs done? Like I’ve said before your art (namely your texturing) is so cool.

(beatabix) #8

the main problem i can see is in the arms. they always give me trouble too. what you need is some good reference material…

look for some catwalk videos, like haute couture type stuff. on satellite tv in the uk we have a channel called fashion tv, which has 24 hour fashion shows -> great for looking for ideas, and some good music with pretty women too.

or, how about the borg queen in star trek: first contact? she might have the kind of walk you’re looking for.

the important thing is that the shroom goddess’ walk should be very deliberate, not at all relaxed and natural. elegance, sophistication, superiority, power. these are the character traits you seem to be trying to convey, so look for videos of women who display these traits.

observation is the key to animation