Walk Cycle Test

Hello guys… Have some questions. Was looking at some of the animations on 11 sec animation. Some pretty awesome and creative types on that site!. Anyway Friday night downloaded The Otto Rig and just thought a would work on some walk cycles. After working on the “double bounce” walk cycle. Thought of this little sequence. This is the first time i have animated anything…. i quasi i was intimidated by the process… but this experience turned out to be fun. A long time to get to my question, thank you for your patience on the dance sequence, there isn’t the “snap” i would like to have. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly beneficial to me. Please C&C welcomed…. I know there are secondary animation issues" hands, face…. etc. working on movement at the moment.

Link: http://vimeo.com/38297551

did you use blender?

the basics of the walk are better than most i see on here, but the up and down motion is way too much. the up and down motion is traditionally about 1/3 of a head height, with cartoon proportion you can play with this but the movement you have is quite violent. good news: this walk can easily be fixed by toning down the hips f-curve.

Yes i did…


Thank you for the input… Still learning the interface, I will fix it.