Walk Cycle Test

A walk cycle test that I made for Episode 2 of my show, mainly to see how the hair/cloth behave. Any feedback is appreciated.

The hair is a bit bouncy on her forehead, other than than, the hair and cloth looks great. Her walk is a bit ‘manish’ so I assume she is some kind of warrior woman character.

Yeah, she’s a warrior princess. This is her “powerful” walk. I figured if the hair moves decently here, it should move fine with less extreme movements.

Well, the motion is ‘decent’ but I think it would look better if there was less motion on her bangs and the top of her head. I suspect it would look swishy when she turns her head, too, which is ok for long hair in the back, but shorter hair in bangs and on the top of her head wouldn’t move so much. Try some animations of head turns, and see what it looks like.

I also think that the bangs look just a little too bouncy. Maybe try controlling the “bounciness” with a vertex group?
The cloth looks really good IMO.

nice start for the walk :slight_smile:

I think you should have the heel touching first the floor at the contact of the foot with some inclination and then as she shift the weight, it should go flat.

The spine and the pelvis are also a bit too “lock” around the vertical axis, it should rotate a bit more… the pelvis should rotate to give the extra space for the leg to go as far as possible. and a bit more side move of the pelvis to show a bit more the weight shifting.

:slight_smile: these are of course my POV! :wink: