Walk cycle WIP

hey, i’ve been tinkering with armatures lately and here is the result of banging my head hard against the table several times trying to figure out how it works.

Remember to set you favorit mediaplayer to repeat since i haven’t figured out how to really “cycle” the animation.


Tell me what you think.

Dude, that is one of the best walk cycles I’ve ever seen!
The motion is perfect, maybe just a bit TOO fast even for a cartoon figure…but stilllll gasp


Yeah, that’s right on. Really good. BTW, I’ve always had trouble looping WMP when using the DivX codec.

Weee thanx! :expressionless: I am really proud of it :slight_smile:

I really have to make it loop properly so i eventually can make an animation out of it.

Definitely too fast to fully apreciate, but it looks smooth and feet bend nicely.



Damn ! the motion is very good.

But did you use a rendering with the “fields” option, cuz there are some strange big stripes on the image ?


Thx! ive been busting my head figuring out what that was - must have turned it on by accident :expressionless:

thats a pretty good one. though we cant say if its right if we dont see the torso etc.
It looks very much like the steve earcle walk i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see another one who is interested in character animation!
We are not so many here %|

cya henrik

heh i don’t know who wrote the tutorial i followed, but im not taking credit for the legs just the walkcycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: i encoded it in Linux using Transcode but it seems that it dosent look like it should in Windows so heres an update with a real “cycle”