Walk Cycle

Hey guys…

I started a thread on the WIP section, and now I feel more comfortable to move forward to the focused critique session with this work.

Its a regular walk cycle, where I’m using my Otto rig.

Basically I’m studying the body movement, and I’ll be pleased on receiving critics on what can be improved.



Here it is:

Thanks a lot in advance

is a good march. walk is more relaxed, but file that away as marching.

Totally agreed, RogerWickes.

It’s not a relaxed, uncompromised walk. It’s better to describe it like a march, or something like he has to go some place a few blocks away from where he is now, so he’d better walk a bit faster. Not in a hurry, but faster. =D

Thanks a lot, man.


yep it looks more like a march but anyways it looks really great

The walk cycle is coming along nicely, my one crit would be the movement in the hands. From what I can tell the arms are being done using IK, correct? With the arms and and really a lot of motion dealing with the body your looking to achieve arcs. With you hands I can see the the two points where you keyed your Y value but the interpolation between those two points seems linear minus a little bit of weighting from the tangents. I know a that a fair amount of people will animate the upper body simply in FK so the can achieve those natural arcs. With IK you need to go in and either weight the tangents or add in a breakdown pose between the two poses. But I’m being rather picky, the cycle still looks quite impressive, thats my only crit.

In the forward view, there’s no tilt in the hips/shoulders. This tutorial: http://www.rubberbug.com/walking.htm explains what I mean better with it’s second-to-last picture, but basically when right leg is in the air, right side of the hip goes down and shoulders counter-rotate (right goes up) to maintain balance.

Thats a good suggestion too… This post really goes for anyone who is into animation but here a book anybody going into or interested in animation should get and the price is reasonable… The Animators Survival Guide
I’ve only had it for a few months but with classes haven’t had time to really work with it, but we have student taught workshops here in which much of the material in this book is being covered… But whatever, the book is well worth it.

Hi, digitalillusion and Endoperez! =D Thanks a lot for your replies.

I’ll fix his hands movements, I agree with you about the weight. And you’re correct, the arms movements are done in IK.

About the tilting in his hips/shoulders, I’ve put a little, but I agree that’s TOO subtle. :wink:

That link is really good, and the book is awesome! Fortunately I have a copy of that.

Your replies are helping me a lot. Thanks for that. As soon as possible I’ll post updates. :slight_smile:


Yep, that book is amazing! Looking forward to your updated post and keep up the good work.

Hey, guys!

I have updated the walk/march cycle. I made the corrections suggested (first link) and also gave him a purpose to walk like that (second link) :wink:





       the cycle is coming along nicely, few things I'm seeing which really are nit picking. I can see the shoulder and hip movement you added in, the look good from the front view but on the side one they look alright minus except for a few frames, ex would be 30-35... The drop seems to sharp, play it frame by frame. In the frames leading up to 30 the shoulder almost stays level, then it drops sharply.... Yet now that I've just gone back and looked at it again, the body drops at that point too, which might be why that is catching my eye. I can't quite put my finger one it, although when the shoulder moves back to the upper position it does so in a linear motion. So the in-between are different. I'm not saying it looks bad but it catches my eye. It gives it a bit of style, a bit a pop in his walk. I'll leave it to you to decide if you like it or not. Only other thing is you have a great amount of motion in his hips and shoulders but his back and head have very little. For his back maybe arcing it at certain points, just to help show weight of his body in the motion. In his head from the side view I really can't see any motion minus the up/downwards movement from the body and in the front view while I can see the head moving from side to sides it feels forced, and the way the head is moving is stiff, like the muscles are trying to fight the motion from the body, loosen  that up a bit unless your looking for the stiff action............. Overall I like the cycle and keep up the good work.

Hi, digitalillusion!

First of all, sorry for the late reply… Got a bit busy with a freelance… But now, back to this. =D

I must say you have a great eye for movement. I agree with your points and will make the corrections soon. Thanks a lot, man.


Hi! =D

Well… it was pretty faster than I thought. This is the last version, where I corrected his shoulder, head and torso movements.



No prob, I’ve been away locked away in workshops for a bit, the cycle looks quite nice, very clean movements. When you get a chance I’d do a walk cycle that was stylized and really work towards the characters personality. Or head over to milkandcookies
and hit up the 10 second club. Adding in the elements of a story that drives the characters movements can really kick it up a few notches, and its a blast.