Walk cycle

I have been working on a walk cycle. My problem is, is that i want to make my person walk forward, not in place. Is there a way to do this and be able to duplicate the walk cycle with the action editor? I tried to do both but my person would teleport back to the position he was at, at the frame that i duplicated.

You should move him forward with the master bone and set key frames for where he is. You have to actually move him entirely, just creating the walk cycle moves only him arms and legs, not his whole body if you get my point. Duplicating the walk cycle just makes him keep walking instead of stopping.

What you should do is set a key frame for his master bone (the one that controls his entire body) on the first frame where you want him to start walking and another key on the last frame where you want him to be at the end. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but I don’t know what it is.

Pressing N-key on the NLA-editor gives you numeric properties of your strip. There is a place for offsetBone. Put the name of your torso-bone there, and your walk will jump to it at each new strip.

If you find the ManCandy FAQ somewhere on the net, it is in the part5 ManCandyFAQ/html/walk5.html: NLA Forward Cycle.

Awesome! thanks guys, ill go look into that mancandy right now.