walk cycles, NLA editor, actions?


This is probably a really dumb question. If i create my perfect walk cycle using the action editor etc. will i be able to take that action to any file and get the character to walk from any place to another place in my new file or is the action editor stuck to one file.

I want to learn the proper way to do a successful walk cycle but not have to repeat the process in every file i want to create using the same character. I figure i will have to do this for each character i am going to use in more than one animation. I wanted to know before i start so i dont waste time going in the wrong direction. I hope i have explained this correctly.

Many thanks

Yes, you can use the actions with the character in any other file.

Yes, you get a previously created action from a saved file through append --> choose file with action --> action folder --> saved action.
Then select the object/character which should get the action and open the Dope Sheet editor. Switch to Action editor and choose the action with the ‘Browse action to be linked’ - pull down button.
Now you can push down the action in the NLA editor…