Walk in the park [updated image]


Hopefully I won’t have to delete it.

I updated the image, see back of topic.

WOW! :o

This is the first of your renders that I like!

Its a big step up from your last images I saw. Good to see your spending more time making a quality render.

Really like the textures of that far wall. Ground could use some more noise though.

The grass - For some reason it looks odd. Does it have shadow? I can’t tell.
Tree texture - needs to look a bit more like bark.

Some questions:
Did you used the Neotree script for the trees and Fiber203 for the grass?
How do you make shadows with an area light? I heard only spots do that?

Really nice Kansas, a lot better than I could do. :wink:


now to the image it is a nice image tho a few points you can improve on:
first of all the grass and leaf texture is horrible and you should try adding more depth to them other than that nice image

I box modeled the trees and about the grass i’m not sure how to improve that and the camera’s real close to the ground. And the tree bark, most of what you see is in shadow. And about the noise on the path I could increase it but people always complain I make my textures too noisy so i’m trying to cut that :wink:

This isnt bad at all. I like the lighting. Some things to improve, the grass look at this image of grass it was created with fiber script I think it would look very good in your image http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/shard/grass the textures are ok but I think a high res pic of some stone cobble and a good bump would look better than a voronoi. Over all a nice improvement good recovery.


Yep, it’s not bad at all. Much better texture work than before, and if you haven’t used a script for the trees, hats off. Now start paying attention to the details, like that rocky thing, you can see how the texture stretches around a simple object, and also the grass is a bit toony. You could actually model a lot of details you have done with textures here, but this definietly is an improvement, and keep it up.
What I especially like is that it’s a full scene, but you should pay attention to the details inside of it, not just to the whole scene.

Two thumbs up for composition :smiley: I miss a little more… contrast?

That was very rude. %|

I see nothing wrong exept the grass try making it about 1/3 thiner and more of it :smiley:

I don’t really use scripts anyway, they were 100% box modeled.

good render. I like the softness of the shadows, looks good. It has a late sumer, late afternoon sort of feel to it. The trees are also well modeled. The leaves could be better attached though. :wink:
The textures/colours of the leaves and trees is a bit off though. It’s hard to tell that they’re in the shade. Maybe if the shadows on the tree trunks were a bit stronger? hmmm might do it, might not. Also the leaves don’t always look distinct, can’t tell always where their borders are. Hmmm I wonder if making them slightly translucent would give them that bright-green backlight look? hsa anyone tried that?
To give the grass and leaves more depth, don’t model them as a single plane. the cross section looking down on the grass could look like a diamond shape, although made very small on one axis and stretched out on another… if that makes sense.

I tried the transclucency idea but on the grass it made it florenscent and ugly and the leaves had about no effect.

wow, my respect for you has increased immensely, since I can see that you are really trying to be a better artist, and be less annoying. :slight_smile:

I really like this one the best out of all your works, very nice. The atmosphere is the best part, though, VERY good work on that.

Keep trying, and soon you will get where you want to be. :slight_smile:

very nice mood in this work

*only crits would be that it looks like you have two contrasting textures, toon shading and then normal textures

*the tree limbs look a little large compared to the trunk

but atleast they are not sock puppets drawn on with marker, haha, yes i still remember that comment
anyway nice work man!

Actually no toon shading was implemented. In fact i’ve never used toon shading.

IMHO this is the first really good render of yours that I have seen, perhaps somethings could be improved such as textures, but regardless of this it shows a lot of artistry and good style, it’s pleasing to look at.

i’m sure somebody said already… but you’re materials have a slight problem …it’s all “flat”… it could be too much emit value… or… no specular… or wrongly set spot lamps… can’t say for sure… I see there are shadows on ground… but I dont see shadows on materials like tree trunk or grass … so… fix that and scene
will improve a lot!


trust me, basse knows what he’s talkin about! man… you’re very artistic, kansas_15, you just need to improve your lighting skills and work on your texturing just a little. My biggest problem when I first started was that I didn’t know what the buttons in blender were for and not only that, I didn’t know how they worked. How they work is extremely important because then you understand why it does what it does and you can figure out how to make your image better based on the new info.

It could look like it because most of that material in the first place you see in shadow.

No, I’m quite certain that’s not it. Maybe you have more than one light source in this picture? You should only need one sun light source, I should think.
And yeah, DEFINETLY double check to make sure that emit isn’t on. Well, all I know is that the underside of those leaves I’m seeing should be much darker. I’m not seeing much contrast in color.

Look at this picture. Do you see what I mean?


This is pretty much the case with all the parts of your picture, not just the leaves, but the leaves are a good reference point.

You’re definetly improving. Nonetheless, try your best to improve this.

Textures and ground models need lots of work. The tree model is quite accurate, nicely done. Lighting it great too!