Walk mode non collide

Hi there! looking for (maybe) an very specific option
can i disable physics and collide of some objects with Blender’s walk through mode?
after looking for:
‘walk mode non collide non physic objects’ , on my search engine no clue found. Thanks, in advance!

I think what your asking is can you have the physics turn off as you approach an object? The answer I think is no with conventional blender. You can turn off physics at a point in time see below.

Also there is a project which I have seen that still has the blender game engine, I think.

Sorry i 've found, and tried your answer . It’s not what i’m seeking
I’m trying to stop a certain object or type of object from colliding , in walkthough mode .

It seems to me that walk mode does not effect the geometry/objects behavior unless in a game. That’s why I mentioned UPBGE. Dynamic paint will allow you to have objects detect contact as well as geometry nodes but not the view. That’s how I see it anyway.