Walk.O.matic is coming your way....

(Jamesk) #1

<teaser mode=“on”>
Soon, probably this weekend, you’ll be able to try out my latest script - Walk.O.matic 0.49.7…

This is a script for all your walking-running-sneaking character needs, and will most probably make you wet your pants with happiness!

So, hang tight: as soon as I’m done with the final polishing, you’ll find the desired post in this forum. The script itself is already fully operational, but I need to finalize the documentation and tutorial before it goes public.


(adyus) #2

:o :o :o :o :o must I say more?

(billythekid) #3

:smiley: ,Oh man, what a wonderful christmas present!I just can’t wait…With all these new scripts, and the chistmas holidays coming up i’m going to have fun.I’ll start planning an animation now!
Respect to you programming genii!
Billy the kid goat

(garbager) #4

Something sent you (and I’m not religious, so maybe greys:)
I was just starting working on animation in my project :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for your script. Courage and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(mthoenes) #5

Cool… Can’t wait to see your latest handy work.