walk-o-matic parameters


i have been fooling around with the walk o matic script and find it amazing, my walk cycles have been cut in more than a fifth!

however, i was wondering if there are any parameters? (like the distance between the emtpy targets, or location of the toes, etc.

i have a rather wide legged robot, and the targets make it look like the legs are moving on a line! (this is good if you need it to walk on a line)

but i was wondering if you could specify the horizontal between each foot, and perhaps also the lateral distance (for caterpillar sorta things)

does anyone have any clues or tips???

i am greatful to any answeres:)

Uncheck Tip when you IK Solver->Empty

Maybe you could tell me how to get it working in the first place. :confused: Do the characters you animate with it need armatures?

See my homepage. You can see duck is walking. Armature