walk o matic

the walk-o-matic script dosn’t work with the new blender. so i contacted the auther and he dosn’t use blender any more so he wont update it. but he sugjested asking here.
so could any one please update his script, thanks it would be a big help to the community

I’m attempting to update it,

the cosole says

line 97

AttributeError: layer

the line is

layer = proxy[0].layer

(I added a few lines so if you run the script it is likely a different line number…)

So, I added

print dir(layer[0])

to list all of the attributes. However I don’t see anything that looks similar to layer.

So… anyone know if there is an attribute that I should be using instead of layer? Is this an attribute that was dropped for something better?



when i got the error i like changes layers or did something i think that got rid of that error , but then i got another one.
i’ll c what i can come up with again

look at this file:

what about it? :-?

The corrected script for blender 2.33: