Walk-through animation question

What’s the best method for creating a simple walk through animation? I’m trying to create the feeling of walking through some of my game level architectural models as video walk throughs. What’s the best method to achieve a natural feel? I’d really like to be able to record me walking through with Shift-tab to an ipo curve, then just render it. I need to be moving about 5’ per second, so if I make the animation at 30 frames per second for you tube, (which seems to be 29.4 or something), I need to travel about 5 feet every 30 frames. My objective here is to not have it feel like a fly through, but a walk through. I’ll need to move over steps, around corners etc.

I don’t know much about animation, so my previous methods were to just insert some keyframes, then play with the curve until it feels right, but it never does.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Edit: I think I figured it out. Auto keyframe. Experimenting…

That didn’t work. Well, it worked, but it didn’t do what I needed. Anyone?

I would still do key frame and play with the keys and the curve…

if you want something more real… you can try with a camera and film yourself walking but the camera pointing to what you are seeing, the way you would see in a video game, and then by video tracking you might be able to get the movement in blender… :wink:

Hmm. Sounds complicated, but thanks anyway. I may just try cam studio in real time and actually walk. But cam studio has been very laggy the last few times I’ve tried it. Any ideas for better video screen capture?

Well less try that again. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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Guy just think of the camera as your eyes. And, set it about 5’ 5" above the surface. Then if stepping up it simply moves up however high a step is over several frames. If you turn you head (Camera) 45 degrees then the above ‘Camera Moves’ comes into play.

Much of it can simply be done on the time line. Just learn how to delete a frame. Just remember the standard will be about 5_5 level with the floor. Go to camera in the properties panel and under DISPLAY check ‘Limits’ Then you can see where the camera is looking. Trial and Error is the operative phase my man. It takes time is the bottom line. Best of luck.

Thanks. Extremely useful. My big issue is that I need to climb spiral steps, normal stepsm straight sections etc, and I’m virtually 100% inexperienced with animation. I’m going to give camstudio a shot, so I can just walk around in real -time. But I do need to do some panning animations, and the numbers above will help. I may play tonight a bit, If so, I’ll post it. Thanks again!