Walkcycle Demo

Not much I can say. Just check the link.



Wow. That is cool.

looks great!

very usefull tool!

cool! ill have to use it now

Looks pretty good :slight_smile: Is it Blender related in any way?? Would be great to have some walkcycle creator like this or like Poser have in Blender too :slight_smile:

It’s not Blender related other than that it’s animation. I had this bookmarked and since it is what I think Youngbatcat is ultimately striving for in his ‘brainpaste’ endeavour I had reason to go dig it out. Posted here so it wouldn’t be lost in the forum.py

In the link it is the sliders that can adjust the ‘character projection’ part of the walkcycle that I thought might be of interest to you.


So let´s hope that it will be Blender related soon :smiley: