I have created a walkcycle action, which looks and work good as an action, but in NLA whenever I add it to a path, it goes well for he cycle itself, no sliding, but then between every cycle comes like 5 frams with no movement of the character except for the fact that it does move along the path, so it slides. How can you get rid of this?
If I lower stride there are only 2-3 frames of non animated moving, but then there is sliding in the animation itself.

The best that I can tell is to do one of three things.

1: Speed up the walk cycles to match the speed of the path.
2:Slow down the path and re-animate the walk cycle to fit the path.(or just add in some movements on the blank animation frames)
3: Don’t use paths for walking. Just use keyframing to move the character.

I use the third one and it works out for me. I can stop and start his stride with the walk.

The only other thing I can think of is to download the walkcycle script and try it out. I never used it, but it is worth a shot.

Here is another way that you can clean up your walk cycle.

First go to blender.com and go read the tutorial on how to set up a foot animation. This tutorial will teach you how to set up IK solvers. When you find out which one will work for your needs, apply the appropriate solver to your skeleton. Now apply you skeleton to the path. Foward the animation to the point that both of the legs is stretched to the point of almost seperating from the solver. No manipulate your bones (be sure to move the solvers for the legs first) to form your walk cycle.

The IK solvers will make sure that the feet don’t slide around on the ground.

P.S. Be sure NOT to parent the solvers or legs to the path. It will be better is you parent a main bone (mostly in the body) to the path.

Thanx, that’s what I did, but most likely I just didn’t get my walkcycle phases right, or something, because I can’t think of anything else.
O well, I’ll try again, and thanx again for the replies.