im working on a walk cycle, any comments?

its a lo poly modal for a game.

2 meg avi

ps, i have already fixed the render error on the sholder.

Looks great to me.
I can’t do walk cycles yet, so sorry I can’t be more specific.

Having said that, upon watching again, I reckon there are two elements that might be at odds:

The straight arms imply a purposeful walk, whereas the head going from side to side, looks casual.

The terminatrix in t3 had a way of putting her down down a bit to walk fast, maybe that might be worth a look at?

The whole cycle still looks very static. The hands and lower arms don’t move at all. You also have intersection and deformation problems at the shoulders.

ide hit that

Hello hessiess
some things could be better… but I don’t know how do you made the Rig :confused: so…
you know that for having a good walkcicle your rig has to allow it :wink:
the things that look most irrialistic is:
-The shoulders. The shoulders must follow the arms movements, they shouldn’t be static.

  • the arms movement. You seem to had only animated the toparm and the lowarm is static, that doesn’t work, you have to make the lowarm follow along
  • the foots. The foots should bend, meaning at least two bones, one for the toes and another for the foot.
    If you didn’t yet I recommend you take a look here
    keep it going :wink:

im not sure with game models and if they have hand rigs, but u should incorprate more movement in the shoulders, hands, fingers, and make the elbow bend more . and offcenter the feet a little if u look at ur feet there never perfectly straight out, there either pigeoned in or ducked out

hah, we posted at the same time

Sorry! This tuturialis more 3d oriented and easier to follow, hope it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Again

ya that tut will help alot

i haven’t had that much time to work on this, hence slow reply

heares the rest of the animations for this character, i have tweked the walkcycle.


i was largely using this as a refarance, though i cannot rember what slider settings i had

the rig is just a standard 100% FK human rig. i did it this way becouse i’ts for exporting, and IK dus not always export reliably. thankyou for the tutorial’s should help improve this. the hand rig is curantly one bone. i may add more bones sometime, or just curl the fingers round a bit. the joint deformations are already as good as i can get them without using shape keys.

becouse it is an FK rig it is almost imposable to add more rotation to the hips without remacking the whole animation, i had to use a large nomber of keys to stop the feat going through the flaw. but i’l keep that in mind when i make my next walkcycle.

hehe I know how hard is to animate FK. Your walkcicle looks 10 times better then my first FK one :stuck_out_tongue: Considering all that you’ve mentioned, you did a good Job and the new tweked version looks better, with the toe already rotating and such :slight_smile:
Yea! Curl the Thumb mainly, is the thing that catchs the eye most.
Didn’t know about this reference walkcicle website! I’ll take a note, it may come in handy some day :wink:
Blend on!