Walking Animation again...

OK Now I know how to make my Character walk and return to the pose that I posed to it. But my problem is the animation of walking stops and go again! I want my character to walk without stopping the animation!

change the action actuator to loop stop, or loop end. You probably are just using play.

hope that helps

Its Loop Stop.

then you have a baaad walking animation, try work better on it :wink:
no seriously if the character in the animation goes to the same position has the first frame in the last frame the when it’ll loop it’ll repaet the same position 2 times wich make its looks like it stops and go on. so if you have for exemple an animation of 1 to 30 frame… in the action actuator just make it loop between 1 to 29, should solve the problem

Would this help?

Would this help?

Are the Priorities in order? Setting the Priorities incorrectly can cause weird problems.

Make another action actuator with an idle animation, with your keyboard controller or whatever set to inverse (INV.)

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