Walking Animation freezes

My walking animation freezes at the end of the frame and go again. I change the position of my character before animating it just like facemania did. I want my walking animation to go straight without freezing at the end.

Uhh I dont really understand what your question is…

Maybe you can post a blend or supply more info?

it sounds like you might have the amount of frames it goes for, set to high in your action actuator

What? how do I set it high??

My problem is my walking animation freezes and go again. I want my character to walk straight.

if it was set too high then it would stop at the end and do nothing for however many frames higher you have it set for and then loop back to the start

in your action actuator there should be two places for numbers, one called start and one called end, lower the one called end untill it walks normaly

you havent given a lot of info, but from what i can tell that is it

I think you may want to Repeat the walk cycle, So that the character keeps walking? If so, check out the tutorial http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BSoD/Introduction_to_Character_Animation

My character doesnt walk straight yet…but i will try that tutorial.