Walking Animation

(Yukari) #1

I have a very basic question regarding animation. How can I animate the interaction between a character and the ground, More specifically, walking?

(Hadriscus) #2

Please explain further.

(Yukari) #3

Basically, I’m curious how objects are animated so that when they interact, they don’t go through each other. An example would be a character picking up an object without their hand in the object or with an awkward gap in between the hand and the object, or with a character walking so their feet aren’t in the ground, but they also aren’t one inch above the ground.

(lolwel21) #4

Depends. If you’re talking about interactive animation, like games, then the answer is that things like that happen all the time.
If you’re talking about production animation, then it’s usually the artists, fixing it by hand.
Then, if the production is really high budget, then the Character Effects team goes back in and fixes any clipping in close-up shots using shapekeys once the animation is polished for the shot.