Walking Artillery

I have time to model again so I thought I’d get back into it by modelling one of my favourite subjects, big robot things. I haven’t finished the entire design yet but I have an idea of where I want it to go. The final product won’t be shiny, probably some drab military colours. Here’s the start of the legs, not much yet by a thread gives me some motivation.

Considering that you’ve just started this project, and that you’re using it as motivation to do the rest, I think you’re off to a brilliant start.

Will be watching this thread to see just where you take it. Good luck :smiley:

It’s starting off really nice. It has a robocop look to it. I’m in the middle of a mech as well but being new to blender (it will be my 2nd project) it will not be as intricate as yours.



ahhh, Syn, you make all the other robots jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

great work, i love the paneling.

I would make the lower part of the leg courve in the other direction. Now it looks kind of unbalanced and requiring a lot of muscle power just to stay upright.

cant wit to see the finished project

Feet done:


Nice work so far. I agree with Traitor, the panels make it look mint. 8)