Walking at Night

Something for WC113.

The initial concept: “As I was walking down the street one day, I kept walking until senseless day gave way to familiar night…”

(my stupid quote ;))

This one was actually inspired a little by one of Frost’s poems.

Click here to view the image.

Only procedural textures were used. Pure Blender 2.34.

Obviously, the goal with this piece was not technical modeling but rather sending the render into a different artistic direction, one deliberately distant from more traditional 3d renderings.

This project benefitted from some experiences from my “Another Girl with a Pearl Earring” and “Lucid Dreamer” projects, which some of you might recall.

Here’s a pre-render view of the scene.

Fairly simple as you see. The “hard work” was in breaking down geometry into more strokelike units, which was to advance upon a technique I developed in the two aforementioned projects and described in their respective threads.

I would have liked to achieve a softer distribution of light from the streetlamps, maybe put in a few more details, but, due mostly to my recent animation projects, I wasn’t left much time this weekend to work on it, just about two and a half hours total (which included several test/one final renders).

Well, thanks for viewing :slight_smile:


Very Creative…

If i am correct, i think that the effect of an artsy render was because of the fur type particles. if so, great way to use them.

its a great and unique piece of work.

Well done.

Personally, I think the effect is a little over done. But it is your piece and I will not dispute your creative instinct.

I love the effect though. Really makes it look like a painting.

You could have done it a lot easier with post in Photoshop or GIMP though with a filter. :wink:


Not to spoil the parade, but am I the only one who doesn’t like this? This is not worthy of your name Robertt, IMHO. It looks like a bit talented newbie’s simple scene (the first in which he dared to use a human-like figure), which didn’t work out as expected, so he fired photoshop up, and applied a simple filter to hide the problems, which also didn’t work out that well, since he was a newbie to photoshop as well.

You could have done it a lot easier with post in Photoshop or GIMP though with a filter. :wink:


Although that would’ve been against the rules, but I’m sure you know that.

Anyway, I like the fact that you’ve used your colour very differently yet effectively. It’s obvious because such a saturated purple is not normaly seen in renders, and yet it still works effectively in yours. This is a true sign of your artistic talent shining through.

My only problem is that it fails to trigger any real emotional response, as it seems to lack dramatical aspects, such as a lower camera angle, droopier pose in the man, or dimmer lighting. In other words, the scene setup is very average and nothing reaches out to the viewer.

Those are just my thoughts. :wink:

He’s walking right past a light source on a lamp post, yet the only shadow cast is from a very bright light off scene?

The “fuzzy” look is somewhat interesting, but it doesn’t really work for me in helping to communicate the mood of the piece.

Nathan: Particles might have been a good idea, but in this case I used transparent planes in series between the camera and the scene to affect the view.

BgDM: Yes, a bit overdone :smiley: There are ways to temper the effect though. I’ll try again sometime. I’d really like to see how the effect works in an animation scenario. For the “Another Girl with a Pearl Earring” flyby animation the planes weren’t constrained to the camera, so there was some floating noise in there. This time I tracked my makeshift camera filters to the camera. I’ve been trying to do as much special stuff in Blender as possible.

Erufailon: I appreciate your honesty. I tried to be innovative here, but in two or so hours I knew the product wouldn’t be comparable to other things I’ve done. As I was telling Dante way back in another thread, I’m experimenting with Blender all the time to see what I can make it do. Some results will be better than others of course, but I am working on some major projects (stills/animations) that will reduce something like this to a passing footnote :wink:

Wiggie: Thanks for the great feedback Wiggie. Emotion is always a subjective thing. The sense of solitude is here, which is primarily what I was going for, but maybe not so much the potential sadness/directionlessness of the walker. The camera angle could be better, among other things, but there was limited time here, so while I’m not proud of it I’m not too unhappy with it either :slight_smile:

mzungu: There are multiple light sources here, one maybe from a passing car and an overhead light out of view. This was just an experiment :wink: Better things to come later…