Walking Cycle! Character sliding!!!


Im starting in walking animation and i have problems with the velocity 's curve!

My character make slides moves on the floor when i try to put a movment at the floor…I made the armature exactly like the blender.org’s dvd.

i dont know how do i do that! Put a simple constant velocity at the character!

The first and the second steps are ok… but when the cycle restarts the character do a slide on the floor… as if he were stopped while the grounds continues…


You can give his foot a Floor constraint and make it sticky so it doesn’t slide.


Steve S

i`m having a quite same problem of cercao…
I made a character in blender and i used an armature of “character animation dvd” of blender.org, like him.

So, the moviments of a walking cycle are corrects… the char are walking realy good in the same place… but, when i try to move him straight ahead, at the second step, something are pushing him creating a slide in my waking cycle.
I`m uploading my .blend file as well…
if someone could check for me, i realy apreciate !!



PS: sorry about my english… i`m from Brazil!

Use Walkomatic
see my walk no slipfoot