Walking Dead Character

This a character I modeled in blender, textured in gimp. It’s for a short animation that I thought would be fun to do.

Think you’re missing something there… :wink:

sorry about that. It wouldn’t display the image from flicker.




looks really nice :wink:

His lips may be all scratched and ruined, with some rotten skin too…

Thanks Manorial,
I’ll keep working on textures.

His eyes creep me out.

Is it just me or does he look exactly like Steve Buscemi (played in Con Air)?? Really good work!

ahaha yeah yeay he’s the man!

there is an uncanny resemblance however it was not intentional. Thanks for the comments.

Yay but’s Steve Buscemi looking like your character and not the contrary :wink: Anyway amazing work you did, it’s really good and yes can’t wait to see the animation!