Walking Dead-Michonne

Hi Guys,

After long time i find free time to finish one of the my old personal work,

Concept by Joshua Black

I hope you will like it,

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technically perfect and i like the face expression, but why has everybody to look like dying from anorexia?

I like it, nice lighting. As long as it is a stylized character, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with her anorexic posture. :slight_smile:

S-Markt: Thanks for your opinion about dying!!,I tried to work similar of the reference

Sempervirent: Thanks for you opinion:D

It’s excellent. The lighting, textures, pose, everything. The only thing I would have done differently is dirtied her up some. It would be an extra level of personality to this already perfect piece. BTW I watch the walking dead faithfully & the slenderness of the character fits in to the desolation on that world, stylized or not. Bravo.

Nice character ! :slight_smile: