Walking in a circle with Rigify blender 2.82a Blows up Rig

I am trying to make a character walk in a circle. The problem is that as my character passes 180 degrees of rotation, the rig blows up. I have read into this and it seems to have something to do with constraints and rotation limitations. Has anyone else encountered this problem? How did you solve it? Thanks.


I have worked a solution, but it is pretty ugly. As my rotations approach 180, I place a keyframe at (+/-) 179 (depends on direction). Then I place a key on the next frame at the negative of whatever the previous key was. ie. if the key was -179 degrees, I make a key on the next frame at 179 degrees, forcing the flip. Then everything works. This is what Maya does without asking. As I said, it is pretty ugly. I hope this is fixed in the future.