Walking In the BGE

Hey, I have experienced blender and I know a… fair amount of stuff in blender, but not even coming close to being a pro, or even intermediate, but I know that knowing how to set an IPO for making someone walk is basic but I have never been able to find a tutorial… so I ask you know. Can someone refer a tutorial that would tell me how? Thanks,

TGH :smiley:

Hope this helps…

Thanks that helps for Idle animations but I want a tut on how to set the ipos for a walking animation. So you got half of what I needed. So thanks! Is there, by any chance, that you have a tut for walking?

oh goodness don’t use IPO. Rig ur mesh with an Armature and animate the armature using Actions.

he he… one of the videos are mine…the first link it is one of my tuts…hope this helps you!