Walking Mech


Howz everyone?

Im just looking for some possible advice on how i can improve this image.

Crits/comments/suggestions/advice really appreciated.


The mech is probably really heavy. Smash up the pavement under his feet.

The blue things coming out of the guns would look better if it was just plain ol’ muzzle flash. The detail doesn’t look bad, but there needs to be more going on. More inanimate objects atleast, cars and such. The lighting could use some work too, in areas it looks like you might have used some Ambient Occlusion but in most others it looks washed out. Can’t tell if it’s a product of the light setup or what. If you’re not using a form of AO though, I would suggest it and tweak the lamps from there (a higher intensity yellow sun lamp against a bluish low intensity hemi with no spec).

The streets are wery clean and uniform. Put some dirt and trash on it. maybe something broken. It seams to be a war going on.

The mech is awesome. Consider posing it with one leg, and the opposite arm jutted forward instead of square on.

Or maybe take a shot in mid walk-cycle.

Thnx for the feedback guys.

Will take all advice onboard (eventually). Still have much to add, change and tinker with. Far from happy with the result so far. May even model a different mech and make the one here a secondary fodder mech being blasted away, as im not happy the way it looks.

Is there any simple way of smashing up the pavement?

Thanks once again guys.



-I like the look and feel of the overall scene, I just find it hard to see things for what they are cuz of the color scheme the robot blends in with the building…Kinda hard to tell it apart…