Walking on the sand Tutorial - Foot Prints

Hi !
I have been a long time without making tutorials, but here is one :
It shows how to create foot prints on sand, mud or snow. Demo movie and textures are provided.
There is no Blend file, because I have cancelled it before thinking of making a tutorial, I’m sorry, but I think that the tutorial should be easy to follow.
I hope that it will be usefull…

Cool technique. Thanks for sharing

Thanks a million ROUBAL, I was just wondering the other day about how I would go about creating footprints in snow. This should be helpful. :slight_smile:

Hi Calvin ! Thanks !
Nice to see you here !
I like your avatar !
I think that steps in snow (the holes themselves) are easier to make, because there is no rim around the foot, but when you walk in snow, you spread a lot of snow out of the hole at each step, and this could be difficult to show in a realistic way ! you could need particles or a lot of small animated meshes…
I hope that well see some pictures or even an animation for Christmas !