walking slinky

My most recent project is animating a slinky. Tell me what you think:

Falling: http://www.nmt.edu/~jberg/gallery/movies/slinkyFall.avi (284 kB)
Walking: http://www.nmt.edu/~jberg/gallery/movies/slinkyFlip00.avi (384 kB)

I used a beveled bezier curve for the slinky model. To get it to “walk”, I used vertex keys to stretch the slinky and a lattice to make it curve.

I can’t figure out how to get rid of the bounce at the ends. I think it’s a problem with the interpolation between lattice keys.

Nicely done. Looks very good.

Actually, for the falling anim, the biounce is actually a good thing. Might be a bit much, but it looks right. I think you are correct in thinking it is the lattice keys. Maybe you could edit the IPO for the lattice keys and tone it down some? Or, if it is NLA controlled, you could edit that some.


The bounce on the falling animation was intentional, probably a little over done.

I have fixed the problem with the walking slinky – the ends don’t pass through the ground level now. I also added a floor and shadows:

The walking one looks fantastic.

looks great. neat and simple idea - I imagine not so simple to animate. With the falling slinky I thought the top part needed to move/accelerate a bit faster. the walking one is great, but its movement was a little too rhythmical and needed more of a flow to it.

Are you intending to get it to walk down some stairs?

Looks nice, except that it seems to always go the same speed on the walking one. Sorry, I know it is difficult to animate.


really nice idea. It looks fine too. in the walking animation, I think the rest time in the middle (before it falls over to the other side) might be a bit too long. Still better than anything I could do.

— Elubie

GCat: Before I figured out how to use a lattice, the walking animation was very difficult. I was trying to make the slinky’s Bezier curve bend with curve keys, which didn’t work well because the bevel didn’t follow properly. Animating with the lattice wasn’t hard after I figured out a procedure.

Yes, I will try to make it go down stairs.

GCat, R2Blend, Elubie: You have confirmed my suspicions that the motion isn’t quite right. I’ll have to tweak it a little. Thanks for the comments! :smiley: