Walking Talking and Running 2D Crab

Creating a New cartoon crab.


Cool character, I enjoy your whacky style as always

UV Created.


3 walk Experiments. No Render

side walk with a little jump in the walk.

walk and eye track

Good to see Crusty back…

cool chunks. I like the eye-stalk movement.

So you’re using 2.49 hows that for you.

Blender 249b Its the best. It gives more space to work. After completing the work I may render full story using freestyle to give the cartoon look.

nice modeling and movement …

A Little Extra Movement and Shapekey Animation ( watch in HD )


Free Style Test with Cartoon Crab Watch in HD


Good stuff, I am also using Blender v2.49 for modeling. I agree, it does have more space to work in :smiley:

Fort Ash

Thanks for comments. I use modeling in 249 and some time I use that blend file with newer versions.

I still use older versions sometimes, but there is so much more functionality in 2.6, for example the inset tool, vertex bevel, skin modifier, that I have been using the new versions for most everything lately. There is some lost functionality in 2.6 though too, such as the fact that multi-res is somewhat limited.

Great model, love the animation good walking.

2.49 ? I totally disagree but I respect your choice. I met Blender with 2.39 I migrated to 2.5 the same day it was released, trust me…it is much much better in all aspects. the animation flow is just the best ever…better than Maya :slight_smile:

good job your cartoon crab, patricia ! 2.49 i think it’s best and fast modelling from workflow that is still used from the world, i prefer to 2.6x it’s very good as well as 2.49.

Thanks for great comments. A New underwater environment is created for these new crabs. Its my old underwater environment and added some more details like flower plants and animated grass. My new cartoon crabs will work here

Walk is created. Lipsyncing work in progress
Please see how is the developments.