Walking Tank

I got the original concept from google image “robot spider”, but I add in and modify the design to give it more original look,






Love the style. The modeling is really nice and crisp.

Very nice!

I like how the cockpit reminds me of easter eggs. Yum. :slight_smile:

The AI version had a Power source inside the cockpit that let it stay mobile for a long time. Could also overload it for self destruction as a final weapon.

Very nice, I’m particularly fond of the texturing. I’m eager to know how you got such a nice scratched effect on the paint around the legs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it, materials are spot on, it looks like a miniture figure you have photographed.
Now, get it animated!

^Thanks! I might get it to animate one day but I am not that good at animation tho.
As for how to do those scratch effect on the armor, you can use the dirty vertex color under vertex paint mode (you might want to play with setting to better suit your purpose). Then using the dirt map as a Fac. to separate the paint and the bare scratch metal texture.

Wonderful work! Is there any chance we’d see some node setups for this piece? like the blue lights and green paint.

Amazing, congratz!

Great model!, I would love to see it with more slashes over the green parts. Nice work!

node setup: the top blue one is basically the dirt map, it can be replace with vertex Col in attribute

awesome … is he rigged?

Thank you, ForgottenWorld. Very nice share!

I absolutely love this :slight_smile: It reminds me of the Warhammer figures we used to play with. The textures are great and the idea is inspiring = it isn’t ‘just another’ robot.

Thanks for the share with the node setup/scratched paint.

Great job :slight_smile:

^Thanks! here is one where I composite the tank into a photo that I found on google image

AO and wire


Nice work :smiley: amazing texturing,

Do you think you will bake the textures to a low poly?

I would love to see it rigged as a walking rag doll… it reminds me of ed 209 and the small robot Ais from ghost in the shell.

with with smoke


Awesome work, ForgottenWorld! Great work on the modelling, it looks very detailed with clean surfaces and edges. Your dirt shader setup is also very effective. With the materials, lights, and compositing, you have some very cool and believable killer robot images here! I especially like the last shots with the environment.

Great work!

Great work!