Walking With One Dinosaur - update #3 : walkcycle finished !

This is my first attempt at a walk cycle. There’s something that doesn’t look quite right, but I’m not sure what. Please be very picky, I want to get this to look right :

Wow! That’s really cool. The deformation of the diosaurs skin is really nice. My only crit is that when the dinosaur steps, its feet seem to slide. It doesn’t give you the impression that he’s putting his weight on the feet. But other than that it’s really awesome.

kick @$* Really cool style, like the bump map, deform is great, weight shifting sucks… my only crit is that your dinosaur can hover :stuck_out_tongue: n-not that that is a bad thing… you should give him some cool shoes-
but seriously, all I think you need to change, is that your dinosaur should rock just little when he walks, so his weight moves about

Thanks for the comments ! :smiley:

The texture deforming was done automatically by blender’s clever armatures - I didn’t have to do a thing !
I agree with the sliding issue, it’s very hard to get the feet to “lock” on to the ground (and stay there) when they should. But I am having some luck with IKA’s (VERY nice feature) which should hopefully simplify things. Should have an update on the weekend, all going well.
Weight shifting would be really cool, but I haven’t any idea how to do it. I’ll try making the tail and neck sway slighltly and also the chest expand and contract a bit, should make the thing look more alive at least (if I can stop the distorted textures on the plates that is).
The hovering problem, I think, is related to the sliding issue, so that should be sorted out with the IKA’s. Shoes would help, but that’s cheatin’ ! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can give you an advice, you should lower the body of the stego as it do the steps. I mean, the legs must support the weight of the body, so every step the body goes a little low, then rise for the next step. Meanwhile, the body bend on the left then on the right, depending on the hind legs position.


Updated at last…sorry it took so long, but I’ve made lots of changes. You can read the full list and download the improved video (still 1 mb in size) through the same link.
env : I’ve tried making it look like it’s putting weight on by making the head/neck bob. Making the whole body move would be a bit of a pain. Making it bend would also be very difficult, but I’m not sure it would do this, I can’t think of any modern animals that do.
Anyway, hope you all like the update, let me know !

His feet rather lock to the ground, rather than walk… he needs to hover more! :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for the confusion, but now he is too fixed… anyway, keep up the great work

Needs to hover ?? Wha…? I wasn’t confused before but I am now… real animals feet lock to ground completely and don’t slide until the foot rises. And they certainly don’t hover…unless they wear some kind of anti-gravity boots… Perhaps you mean the feet rise too suddenly from the floor ? I think they are a little bit jerky, I’ll see if I can fix that - at the moment the feet go from zero speed to full speed with instant acceleration. The hard part is making them rise smoothly, quickly, and without making them slip.

Real animals’ feet are not locked to the ground. Although they don’t skate, the foot is free to twist slightly in situe, I think this is what DMBadcat means.

Just saw the clip and it looks promising :slight_smile: However, there definately needs to be a real sense of the weight of the creature, the body needs to rock from side to side when walking in a clumsy kind of way.

Quick-'n-dirty update : an attempt to do weight shifting from foot to foot, please let me know if this is what you wanted ! (same link as before)

Real animals’ feet are not locked to the ground. Although they don’t skate, the foot is free to twist slightly in situe, I think this is what DMBadcat means.

That’s true, although I’ve never noticed feet twisting…I was trying to base the walking on elephants. Probably there is a slight twist, although I can’t imagine it would be very prominent with large animals…but if you can find me some reference pictures (or preferably movies! :slight_smile: I will be happy to try and incorporate it.

I’m almost certain the walk cycle is done now ! The weight shifting is correctly implemented (I think). Go to same link for full list of improvements, or just click here to download the file :

One other comment. I think the tail should be swinging a bit as he walks. Or drag, or something, not just stick out like a board. I’d also have the head move a bit. Other than that it’s great. The model is especially good.


WOOW dude! very very very nice model… although you should have his feet twist slightly more when they are on the ground… they should still be moving, and not planted, good model- just when you walk, watch your feet, when you step, your foot rotates, when you set it down, it rotates… and your dog… when it gets thrust from the hind legs, they slightly rotate when they lift off, good model… cool concept-

Thanks ! :smiley: Nice comments are always encouraging.
Goo : are you sure you downloaded the latest version ? The tail swing may be a bit subtle but the head movement should be clearly visible.
DMBadcat : After walking around a bit I can feel my foot twisting, but when I try and watch it I can’t walk naturally ! :slight_smile: Very hard to know where to start with foot twisiting, I may or may not experiment with it…when my dog gets thrust from her hind legs, her legs go all over the place and the dog shoots forward with tremendows speed ! :smiley: But when she walks I can’t see foot twisting.
Anyway this little project will have to wait a while, computer is being taken in for fixing, and I’m finishing a much bigger project. Will get back to it though.

well, you could experiment… anyway, I like how it is coming along- great work