how would you get someone to walk in the game engine when you hit forward?
I already know how to make the character move and stuff, but how do I make his legs move?

First there must be some sort of walking animation

If its with Armatures then use the key sensor, and, and Action on the Amrature Object, not child (the mesh)… kinda simple once you get it.

I still can’t get it.
is there any tutorials anybody knows of?

the gamekit!!!

seriously, it has a fair amount about making a walkcycle and such

as you are unlikely to go out and get it:
http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x8053.html (walkcycle, ignore the NLA stuff)

then, you add an action actuator [like an ipo actuator, but for armatures] on your armature and hook it up to the controller you use for the walk motion actuator…

An old tutorial I wrote on setting up walk cycles:


Hope this helps.

ok, i’m confused how do you give it an actuator?
and what is the action name thing for?

HOw would you import that animation into your game?

Try search on the forum for: OTO tutorials. Now you will find somewhere a complete tutorial on making an armature animation for your game and even use it. :stuck_out_tongue: