is this possible ?
i want to make a character walking, i guess i need to use armatures for that
but i maked the character out one solid blok by using another program,
now i want to make that character walking.
is that possible ?

I would highly recommend you read the Blender manual. There you will find the Gingerman tutorial. It will get you started on using armatures, meshes, and animating them. If you have been able to import your object into Blender, then you should be able to animate it.

There are also alot of other tutorials available for Blender. Do a google search and/or search Elysiun for them.

well yeah, afcourse i can animate it, but its only one object. i guess normal characters are builded out of more objects like the arm is one object and if you want to animate the arm then the arm object just have the move isnt taht so ?
but now i got a character that isnt builded out more object but out of one object, and i only want to move the legs…

ok, i’ve find the answer by my own in the blender manual, thx Dyeater ! (man i’m such a noob :stuck_out_tongue: )

Some of us are noobier (noobier??) than others … but don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there … some of us (i.e. myself) are still considered newbies.

We call ourselves n00bians?

well whatever, now i’m gonna start with learning blender…