Walkthrogh Question


I’m just building a small town in blender and I’m looking at adding a walkthrough function later - nothing fancy, just a sort of hardwired camera fy mode so I can send the file to my friends.

I remember someone posting a link to a walkthrough template a year or so back but these days it seems to be 404?

Also, back then I tried (and failed) to import the walkthrough file into my model. There seems to be a bit more to it yet.

But hey. Maybe I could just post the town (basic affair, no texture maps but fairly vast an area) when it’s finished ca Christmas and someone could show me how to tailormake a walkthrough for it?

Hints, links etc much appreciated.

Marco :slight_smile:

If all you want to do is make the camera move through the town, just add controls to it. For example, Select your camera, add and actuator, controller, and sensor. Set the sensor to keyboard and then arrow key up. Change the Actuator to Motion and adjust one of the dLoc’s so that it move s the camera along the axis that is pointing forwards, press “p” for play. Just reapeat on all directions or you could set left and right to dRot.

right… thanks! :smiley: Going to try it now.

Marco :slight_smile:

you can download the “wildhouse” file here:
it’s a basic walktrough, delete all the objects, just keep the player ( and the “childs”)
and add yours.

merci beaucoup :smiley: