walkthrough demo paint mode used?

How was the Walkthrough demo painted? Radiosity?

Do you know?

Thank you!

It has that look to it. Radiosity I mean. I’m surprised more do not utilize this feature. It adds a lot more depth in terms of lighting with out compromising CPU or GPU processor power.

It’s definitely Radiosity. If you open the .blend and look at the mesh you can see the subdivisions created by the radiosity solution.

If you play about with the settings you can make quite a low poly radiosity solution which adds real character and mood to the lighting without slowing the game down too much.

Ricky Dee

Woah woah woah! You guys. You people who know what “radiosity” is, and how to use it. Go post in my thread where I’m asking how to do decent lighting in Blender. Sheesh.

More people don’t use it because nobody knows about it.

And don’t be stingy with the links, either! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought there is a Radiocity tutorial on blender3d.org or inside the blender guide at blender.org. But notice there are 2 ways to do radiocity. A baked one and a in memory one that shows up only when you render the scene.

The one that’s baked have to be setup under the Radioactive little button. You get some options there, set the settings. Then add some cubes or planes on the ceiling and set some material, I’m not sure what exactly the name was of the material setting you had to increase, something that makes the material really bright and give a look a like glow effect.

The another one can be setup using lamps, set radio option on them as well on the materials and render settings, but it only renders radiocity, not caculate it directly on the mesh.

aah I did a little google for you. Here tha link to a pretty nice tutorial, not sphere based, but for room like lightning setup. http://blenderman.free.fr/tut/radiosity/uk/ Notice that you need to tweak a lot to get it working in the game engine without too much polygons to be caculated. :slight_smile: