I put a model of a biulding I created in the walk_through template. The problem is that when I hit the p button and start to walk I can see through walls and objects. Is there a setting somewhere to make everything solid?


Could you upload the .blend? If not mail it to me at ([email protected]).


I’m sensing a normals problem.

In the Game Engine (Where this thread probably belongs, but anyhoo,) each face only exists from one side. If you view the face from the other side it doesn’t exist. The direction the face exists from is called the “Normal” (From a mathematical expression refering to a line perpendicular to a plane!)

Go back to the model and when you put the mesh into edit mode, in the viewing buttons you’ll find “Show Normals” and a parameter box for the normal length. Turn on “Show Normals” and you’ll see a (blue by default) line coming from the center of each face int he mesh. If the line is too small to see, adjust the Normal Length field.

This line indicates which side the face can be seen from. If you just make a cube, all the normals will be facing out. If you are inside, you will not see the faces!

Select all the faces (A-Key) and in the Mesh menu of the 3D window you’ll find a submenu “Normals” From this, select “Recalculate Inside”.

For simple models, this should sort it out, but for more complex ones, you mich need to select the faces individually and select “Flip Normals” from the same menu to get all of them.

Hope this helps!