Walkthrough WIP

I’ve been working on this walkthrough for a few months.
It might also end up as a game. (in a year or 2).
It only has a few textures so far.
No python, only logic bricks to trigger sound/IPO.

My present problem is - when I mirror an object (tried all permutations of mirror in object mode/ edit mode/global/local ) it displays fine
in 3D view but not when I run the G.E.

I’ve been scaling my model 1metre = 1blender unit
Why not ? , it saves converting .
Using blueprints for size/position is close enough.
I read somewhere that the human eye is = 50mm lens.
I have found that in this model, where the camera is about eye level,
about 1.7m tall, I need a lens value of around 100 bananas :wink:

I’d welcome tips from anyone who has been down this path,
e.g. texturing & lighting in a model like this.


For the camera, there is a fundamental problem. Whereas the computer screen can only show about 30 degrees of view at the correct lens, the human eye can see about 180.

So if you are trying to make a practical walkthrough, use a lens of about 20 or so.

As for the mirrored object, try recalculating the normals in editmode (Ctrl+N). If that doesn’t work, make sure you don’t have “invisible” mode set for the faces, or something silly like that. :slight_smile: If THAT fails, try setting “twosided” in the face buttons.

Hi Lemmy,

It’s taken me an hour to edit & attach the .blend

I’ll look for Invisible mode.


the 30deg computer vs human 180deg view is interesting.
Surely a true to life computer view would be more panoramic but not
more distorted.
Below is my floor with lens at 100.

Below is my floor with lens at 50

Invisible Faces
I’ve already tried recalculating normals & checked them manually.
2 sided - no good.
Hidden faces as in temporarily hide verts - no good
Ghost as in Game Engine no good.
“Invisible” button in UV Face Select,F9,textureface tab - no good.

Any advice/help/comments is welcome .

Mirror problem sorted.
Only mirror in edit mode.

Camera Lens Problem.
When starting the game engine,
The view/perspective seems to vary with the view set in the
user 3D window.

I expected the game view to be the camera view & independent
of any user 3D view. I will post pics if anyone is interested.

Yes, that is the case. You have to make sure to set the window to match the camera size and dimensions.

In a runtime, though, it will all look perfect.