Walkthru - HOW?

I’m pretty new to blender, but I’ve seen the standalone walkthru from blender.org (in the gallery area), and was wondering if this is easy to achieve. Can anybody give me some help to get started. ( I did find the file ‘blender walkthru template’ on blender.org, but I wasn’t sure if this was only to work on a previous version of Blender, not current 2.42)

Can I create a walkthru as the one on the gallery, as an exe, in blender 2.42? Wiil the template aforementioned work in 2.42?

PS - the model I want use has a lot of objects in the building - will there be an issue of speed of running?

Im in a bit of a rush, so I wont give you a full rundown. But ill get you started:

Blender 2.42 and bullet physics dont play nice with the old walkthrough template, so dont use that one. Fortunatly Social has put together a new walkthrough template which works well. Go here to find that: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=80406&highlight=walkthrough+template

With the right approach you can achieve quite good results in the BGE.

Hope that has helped,