"walktrough demo" does not work with linux and 2.3

Hy there all!

Here is the problem: the player don’t move forward when i try the " walktrough demo" (at blender.org) in a Debian-Gnome-Linux when running 2.34.a AND:

  • it works in 2.25 at the same sistem configuration
  • No “.blanguages not found” problem when opening 2.34a
  • I have set physics to " Sumo"
  • the mouse look works fine

What the hell iam missing? :-? Something in the script?

That was happening because Python 2.2 was the current one in my system configuration. Change it to 2.3 and it is working now! :expressionless:

All what you have to do in Linux is to copy the “.Blanguages” file (you will find it in your “[Blenderdir]/.blend” dir) into the "file:/root " directory.

I hope this will help you
Thuro www.thuro.at

:slight_smile: Thankx dude. I have fixed this problem before. I try to say that when i wrote “No .blanguages not found” problem.
Sorry about my English it is a very confused…
%| :expressionless: