Wall and windows

I am currently modeling a building.
The walls have windows :slight_smile: and my question resides on the fact that I dont know the best way to model them (windows).
Should I use boolean operations?
What method you use to model this kind of environments?


make the wall with holes in it where you want [by making the shilouette and stuff], then extude it to create the wall’s thickness


there are severall methods:

  1. If your facade has a regular structure, you could use a grid-mesh, erase the faces where the windows and doors should fit in, and extrude the mesh.

  2. Draw and compose the facade in EDIT-Mode using “circles” with 4 vertices. Mind the exterior bound is closed. Then select all, fill the face SHIFT-F, ALT-J, extrude, and voilá.

  3. Have a look at the “Building A Castle”-Tutorial and the “A Die”-Tutorial.


yea, read the building a castle tut, very helpful. Thats what I use to do stuff like this.

Yet another way, which is great when you go ‘doh! Forgot to put windows in my building’
In edit mode on the face where you want your window, create a plane by either adding a mesh or by Ctrl-left clicking to create vetices, making faces, etc.
Then create a new material for just these vertices and select the ‘Env’ button. This allows whatever sky/backdrop you have to show through the faces. Leave the ‘Alpha’ at 1.0.