wall breakthrough with smoke simulator

I spent the last few days with giving the smoke simulator a try
here is the final animation:


Slick, it looks pretty nice. I’m currious to see whats breaking through from behind the walls.

So am I =)
First of all I have to improve the smoke there… as well as the shape of the breakthrough.
but thanks!

I like the music and the composition is good. I like how you made it like a trailer for a movie.
I would change the broken pieces though.
The impact would not leave a perfectly square hole so brake some pieces of the edges and make the hole little more circular but not a circle.
Add more pieces too, i think they are a bit too big. Also add some medium sized pieces, because right now you have the huge chunks and some tiny chunks but nothing in between. Actually not that i think about it maybe the big pieces are the right sise, its just the medium sized pieces you are missing.
IMO the closeup should last a bit longer. Also i was kind of waiting for the pieces fly past the camera and then the camera is in the middle of the dust…
Oh why is there no floor? I think the hallway is too empty.
And as a side comment the tiles remind me of portal…sigh what a fun game.

epic :slight_smile:
I disagree with most of DDD’s crits as we’re not supposed to know anything about what’s happening. It’s meant to be mysterious :slight_smile:

I am confused, the only thing i said that makes it mysterious was the floor is missing. Everything else is just technical stuff about the wall breaking, so do you not agree about that too?

@gregzaal your the guy from blendernerds right? You’ve got a bunch of really nice tutorials out there!compliment!

I get the point of your critique. thanks. I’ ll try to fix that.
Nobody is happy with the missing floor… but I kinda like it! it seems like you could fall down and never stop again. Whats wrong with this picture?

Well maybe not most then :wink: but I do think that the squareness of the breakthrough adds more to the mysteriousness of it (though maybe not purposefully :wink: ); and the shards flying past the camera is a bit of a cliche which would spoil it for me.

Haha yeah thats me :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually like the ‘missing’ floor too… makes it more strange and unearthly.