Wall Collision

hello mates! i need help in my wall collision. i didn’t know why my box is always penetrating the wall every time i press the left shift to add movespeed:confused: here is my sample work help.blend (433 KB). i cant upload my work because its very large file.

What are your “box” characteristics?

Have you “putted” its physics type as “character”?

This usually works in my tests.

dynamic was the physics type of my box.

sir i put character as the physics type of the box and it not penetrating the wall but the box continues to move inaction even i’m not pressing the keys.

You are applying movement instead of force (I have very little Python knowledge), but I know that using some movement mthods only teleports the player, thus making collisions look strange. I advise using apply force or another method.

sorry sir, i am new in blender. i dont get what you said because im not familiar using force.
How do i apply force?

Thanks sir! i will try it :smiley:

If you use the ‘loc’ in a simple motion brick, it teleports you 0.1 units per frame (or whatever).
Then it suddenly finds it’s inside an object and freaks out.

Have a look at servo motion (there is a nice tut on tutorialsforblender3d)