wall craking

I need to do a wall craking and exploding. did someone knwo some good reference for that? or got at least some picture of crack like an impact or something like that?

try the physics engine, it could make a good wall that falls down.

no idea about the way to explode a concrete wall an getting a correct effect?
I suppose that i could modeled eache bit of the wall and running a physics simulation would do teh trick. but if you got suggestions i m open.

there’s an explode script somewhere in the python and plugins forum. use that for some of the debris maybe, and you can keyframe loc combined with push/pull in the object menu, for some initial bricks flying out at high velocity, some particles for dust, and smoke, and i always like to parent an emmitor or two with an RGB ipo to a path for a nice chunk of burning smoking debris flying out in a graceful arc.

Here is the script Modron mentioned:

You could also use the new particle system with the explode modifier. Just set up a static particle system, and then either use an object with deflection or some sort of force field (wind, vortex, et ceterea) to move the particles (and thus the pieces of the wall will “explode”).

i think i got it in a build the latest i got on svn 245.12. but how to use it? is there some tutorials or something?

Here is some documentation, but it is a little out of date:

To do what you want to do, just add a Particle System, and then add an Explode Modifier. The either use fields or an object with deflection to knock down the wall. If you want to actually have something explode, give the particles themselves some motion.

So is there an official build for this new particle system?
Does anyone have a link to a windows pre-built system?
I don’t want to get into compiling stuff.

@atom: no official per-se as its not really ‘finished’ but you may want to check graphicall.org to see the list of builds there. :slight_smile:

nothing happen when i run the system. i got a cube. i add it a particle system. i add an explode modifier, i add a fields. i hit play. but nothing happen.
could you be more precise, or give me a scene with a really simple test that work. It would be nice.
I need to finish that project for in few days, and i dont want to animate every pieces by hand…

It s brazillian one but video help a lot. But i still got a question. how does it works when the wall got thikness?