Wall crawl?

Hi, I’ve been using the blender game engine to make a “Spider-Man” character, nothing too complex, rather simple animations, but with wall crawling abilities. so far I have been able to make him walk and turn using my own physics. Now, I have an animation of him “wall sitting” and a wall object. I’ve done some logic so when he collides with the wall his animation changes to wall sitting- unfortunately I can’t get him to “align” with the wall. I’ve tried different actuators, but all get the same result. It would be nice if I could have him just align with the wall, ceiling, or slope that he is standing on without making separate animations. Know of any pthon script or actuators that could solve the problem?

I’m afraid the files too big to upload, but ill give you anymore information you need.

Thanks for the help.

Check out this thread. One of the trick things for you will be deciding what to align to.

thanks I’ll try it out!

unfortunatly I couldn’t get ti working, I’ll keep trying, but thanks for the replie.

wait I just realized I don’t have python installed. That might be why the script has no effect.

I installed python, but it still doesn’t work, I’ve tried the steps but nothing happens.

I still can’t get the script to work and all my other attempts have failed, does anyone have any other ideas?

OK, I’ve created part of my own system, the only problem is that if touches the wall at an angle he doesn’t align right.

What I mean is I need him to rotate so that he faces the wall, if someone can tell me how to do this I can probably do the rest.