Wall-e Fan Art!


This was my entry to CGTalk’s most recent Hardcore Modelling Challenge (#31) themed ‘Pixar Tribute’.

Out of all of Pixar’s films, Wall-e has always stood out to me as being especially well made. Maybe it was the oddity of two robots falling in love with each other, maybe it was the superb modelling and shading, maybe the message contained in the film…but whatever it was, Wall-e has got to be one of the most amazing 3D characters ever created which is why I chose to model him for this HMC. Sadly, I wasn’t able to complete the environment from the lightbulb scene near the beginning of the film, but at least EVE found her way into my render :smiley:

I used Blender 2.59 for modelling and shading, Cycles for rendering, and Blender’s internal compositor and GIMP for post production.


High res

Peace everyone and enjoy :smiley:



Did you do Wall E AND Eve or just Wall E? Eve looks spot on the way she did in the movie, yet I guess she if fairly simple enough to create yourself. Both are excellently done. I’ll believe you did it soooooo it looks awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s really good. I would just like to point out, however, that the full image has some major aliasing artifacts, although I’m not sure how that happened with cycles.

Personally, I would like to see EVE in gold, as well. The gold gives Wal-E a lovely statuesque feel, as if it was a precious moment preserved for a lifetime, instead of just a photo.

Yes I modeled both Wall-e and EVE. And even though EVE may appear to be a simple model, it is actually really hard to get her proportions right. I spent quite a while looking at different references and changing her shapes…and she’s still not perfect. But in an effort to battle perfectionism, I’m calling her complete. Thanks for the comment.

Hmm not sure how it got so aliased…maybe a result of my bad post-pro skills :frowning: Will have to keep an eye out for that in the future. And yes I could not agree more with you about making EVE gold as well. After I had set it up to cook for the day I was thinking, “do I change EVE’s colour? Do I keep her natural?” just couldn’t decide so I let the render continue as it has already done several thousand passes…but I see now she would’ve looked better in gold like Wall-e. I’d love to re-render but that’d take all day and I’ve got another project to work on now. errgh that perfectionism again :spin:

Thank you for the input my friend :slight_smile:


…You must not have an nvidia gpu. My 560 Ti would probably do a thousand passes on that in a few minutes. :smiley:

I was actually rendering CPU :stuck_out_tongue: Things went wrong with GPU rendering before on my old Cycles build (the only one I could get to work properly) so I stuck with CPU for stability, not speed :smiley:

But I do have a nVidia card so GPU experiments is next!