Wall-E Lego stop motion

here is a very first stop-motion anime we made with a friend this week with the Wall-E Lego model :

we took about 540 pictures, then everything else was made in Blender.

this is boring

what was made in blender?

I’m guessing the opening and closing credits, or at least the stud background behind them. Not much to crit there, animation-wise.

what was made in blender?

everything excepted the wall-e shots and some image editing with gimp :
video editing
beat sync (err by hand using speed control)
opening and closing credits as OldScratch said : 2d animations, background animations
lego-like font edit.
video output

You could have make the most of blender by adding a little color correction, a 16/9 Ratio and a few tweaks to enhance the overall result.
Nicely done though.

Tu aurais pu profiter du fait que tu utilisais blender pour rajouter un peu de correction colorimétrique, un ratio 16/9 et quelques effets pour donner du punch à l’ensemble.
Bien joué quand même.