I am trying to recreate the WALL-E model in Blender for some more experience in modeling and definitely texturing. I really lack skills in that aspect. So tell me what you guys think. I still have to smooth the neck, the arms and the tracks for the arms. I am also redoing a little part on the neck to make it look better.



Lookin’ good so far. I think this is gonna be a good movie.

Here’s a massive image of wall-e if you didn’t find it already:


Woah thanks! I had this image but not near this quality and size. This will really help me with the details! Thanks again! Also there might be an update tonight if I get time. No promises.

Theres a nice big side view too.

Oh that one will help a lot! Thanks for all the great references nfollmer. This helps me out a lot in the really tiny details!

No problem. I’ll be watching this one hehe.

Looks really good! I’m impressed!
Good luck with texturing! Hope to see some results soon!

I was wondering when you were going to post it :smiley: looking awesome!

Hehe yea. Ran into a little trouble. Redid the arm about… 3 or 4 times and the neck too. Still have to mess with the neck a little. That will be the next update. If not tonight than tomorrow. I want to get this project finished! Hopefully before the movie comes out ;D

Small update. Started modeling the hands and still have yet to do the wrist and thumb. Smoothed everything so it looks a little better. One problem I keep experiencing is that when I try and scale and edge loop, right when I hit the button the loop goes nuts and is all distorted. I tried 3 different Blenders and a different computer. It might just be me and I will see if it is the same tomorrow. If you have any tips on getting rid of it I would be more than happy to hear them

C&C please!

EDIT: Haven’t attached the hand yet, that will be tomorrow!

EDIT PART II: Fixed the problem, turns out retopo stays on until you turn it of… Glad it was that simple cause that was a huge problem when I was modeling. Except an update tomorrow!


Worked more on the hand and here is what I got, simple little pose :slight_smile:


Great work Dudebot! Maybe pixar should hire you :wink:

I WISH! I would love that so much! I at least hope to get this done by the release date of the movie. That would be sweet. Thanks a lot JESUSFRK14!

No problem Dudebot!

isn’t it great to be able to recreate in blender something that was created on systems costing thousands of dollars?

but then, i guess pixar/disney uses in-house software mostly, so maybe it’s not thousands of dollars…

either way, blender is just as good as any other 3d software i’ve seen, imho.

Oh yea, it also helps if you have some sort of talent for it, I am still trying to find mine :smiley: But I love to see what Blender can create next, so many possibilities that people don’t think exist!

Ok just made a few things bigger. What do you think?


The History of Pixar was on Starz last night. It’s a really cool documentary, if anyone gets Starz, I suggest watching it. I never knew that they all started out working for ILM and then merged off and Steve Jobs pretty much got them started, and he still (as fas as I know) owns them. They have a very neat history.

But anyway, they had a “sneak peek” at Wall-E after it. It looks even better when you see the previews and not just quick snaps of Wall-E.

Good lord. Where do you people learn to model like that? I have a terribly frustrating time just building things out of regular meshes.

hey awesome stuff!
i dont know if you already know this, but the edgesplit mod on some of those meshes that are part smooth part flat could look really nice
keep it up :slight_smile: